Communicator Program Marta Kusnierz

Marta Kusnierz
Category Manager Sweet Goods & Dairy EAME,
Taste and Wellbeing

Marta followed the „Confident Communicator Program“. This individual coaching program runs over several weeks with live sessions and offline work. The most personalized it gets with more and more Power of Speech with every session and exercise.



What are your 2-3 most important successes, personally?

Since we met, I have rolled out (presented) 2 big promotions. I personally received a lot of compliments and positive feedback on how people felt guided, secure and inspired in the right moments of the presentation. I loved the feeling of groundness and security this program gave me.


Not only I felt more confident, but also other people noticed the difference in the way I prepare, and give presentations. I went out of my comfort zone, which I never felt I will be able to do, and I am happy and proud of myself. That gives me confidence.


If you had to summarize your progress/ learning outcome of the entire program in one sentence:

This program made me believe that, what I thought was impossible (being confident and guiding people on stage), is definitely possible and even is great fun for me.

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