Science Lead Laurence Donato-Capel

Laurence Donate-Capel
Science Innovation Lead

Not only that I did gain a lot of tools and techniques to better manage my personal ability, develop new skills and deploy my ‘confidence’ to communicate, I learned how to develop my speaker profile.

Chris has a very structured course while also personalized to your own expectation.
Each course I learned something, and I also had fun and pleasure to work!
In between the courses homework’s were useful and helpful to reflect, practice.
Chris provided fast efficient feedback that was extremely useful to adjust myself, to push my boundaries and feel proud of my achievements!
This continuous coaching approach helped me feel I was getting on the right track.

Today I feel calmer and more confident while talking and I connect more with my audience.
I can only recommend you take this course that will impact your communication abilities on how you talk, how you move, how you interact with your audience and most of all how you feel inside out!

A huge thanks Chris for being such a great teacher and coach!”

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I could not have done it without you, Chris. Thank you for this eye-opening and inspiring experience!
It was one of the toughest as well as the most enriching learning experience of my life! From a professional perspective but personal too.
"My heartfelt gratitude goes to Christopher Lübbers for all your guidance, patience and motivation to deliver my speech!"
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