Nathalie Ogier's Signature Talk

Nathalie Ogier
People & Culture Expert

What have you achieved through the signature talk program?

I feel I have grown a lot from a public speaking perspective, I have developed my ability to deliver a clear message and a message which is more business oriented and powerful from a marketing standpoint 🙂 than before. I know the questions I need to ask myselves and which perspectives I need to think about before delivering and even building a message. I felt you helped me to move from a naive/intuitive mode to a more professional mode, many thanks for that.”

If you had to describe your “Signature talk”-program experience in one sentence:

“It was one of the toughest as well as the most enriching learning experience of my life! From a professional perspective but personal too.

Thank you, Chris!”


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Video stories

"Effective Communication has become my new superpower"
"My heartfelt gratitude goes to Christopher Lübbers for all your guidance, patience and motivation to deliver my speech!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be immensely useful." (Course Participant)
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