TEDx Speaker Pech Panhchakpor Pen

Pech Panhchakpor Pen
Student EHL Business School
TEDx Speaker

Pech Panhchakpor said:



Chris is more than just an amazing speaker coach; he was just as dedicated to my journey as I was. His motivation, encouragement, and dedication to making sure I feel comfortable and confident in my message have taught me more than just public speaking. He was always prepared, highly involved, and willing to help whenever I needed him. He took me through stepping stones from bringing my ideas to life and then making sure I can deliver them well by taking the time to do warm-ups together followed by regular self-reflections.


I could not have done it without you, Chris. Thank you for this eye-opening and inspiring experience! I cannot recommend him more for your own unique journey!”

(Lausanne, CH, October 2023)


Watch her TEDx talk here as soon as it is released.

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It was one of the toughest as well as the most enriching learning experience of my life! From a professional perspective but personal too.
"Effective Communication has become my new superpower"
"My heartfelt gratitude goes to Christopher Lübbers for all your guidance, patience and motivation to deliver my speech!"
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