TEDx Speaker Yannick Hutmacher

Yannick Hutmacher
Lieutenant Swiss Armed Forces
Student Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne

What made you pick Christopher as a coach?

As the student speaker of TedxEHLLausanne, I had the pleasure of working with Chris. Had I not been assigned Chris by default, I would have asked Ella Baker, the last student speaker, for her coach’s contact which would have led me to Chris again.

What is your most important success since starting to work with Chris?

Changing my storytelling mentality to focusing on the point of view of the audience. What do they need to know for the story to make sense?

What did you find most valuable about his coaching approach?

The personalization of the approach. There was no fixed way of doing things that was forced upon me. Everything we did was adapted to what I and my speech needed to succeed.

Who do you feel would also benefit from Chris’ style of coaching?

Corporate managers and public relations personnel in all sectors of the industry. The up and coming speakers be they in school, university or post graduate, could all benefit from Chris’ approach.

If you had to summarize your progress/learning outcome of the entire program in one sentence:

Succeed in communicating an emotional story to an audience of individuals and create an emotional experience.

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"My heartfelt gratitude goes to Christopher Lübbers for all your guidance, patience and motivation to deliver my speech!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be immensely useful." (Course Participant)
I owe it to Chris that I was able to go on stage grounded and calm.
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