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"Anyone can become a storyteller"



TEDx Coach, Toastmaster, and passionate communicator

While studying at École hôtelière de Lausanne, I had discovered my passion for helping others to communicate effectively. I began tutoring fellow students for job interviews and important presentations. I always aimed at getting them to step to the next level by building confidence within themselves so that their voice could be heard.


After graduating, I worked in the Food & Beverage departments of several prominent hotel chains, eventually taking up the role of Food & Beverage Director at the Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne.


What got me there, and a key component of my leadership strategy, was my ability to effectively communicate with colleagues, who came from different nations, spoke different languages, and had different stories.

Nowadays, I take an active part in the TEDx organization as a Lead Speaker Coach in Lausanne, Switzerland. I work with a wide range of speaker profiles, disciplines and topics. Together with my clients, I develop the skills and techniques they need to communicate their story successfully so that the audience is captivated. When they give “the best talk of their lives”, as a TED talk is often referred to as, they speak confidently in front the large audience and make sure that they are remembered.

Communication happens between humans, not between companies, name-tags, titles, or projects. Being a successful communicator can make a huge difference during sales situations, appraisal and feedback interviews, product presentations, or when talking directly to your team about a change that will occur.

My goal is to help you practice and learn the skills needed to communicate successfully in both public and private events. I look forward to working with you in  ENGLISH, GERMAN or FRENCH.


No matter the occasion, together we can work on your communication skills so that you can deeply engage your audience.

You will be surprised by how much speaking power you already have within you when you discover your potential.



Individual Coaching

I will help you build a competent and engaging speaker profile. You will learn to master the power of language so that you can leave a lasting impression on your target audience, no matter the occasion; sales pitch, wedding speech, or keynote address.

Stop informing people and start persuading, inspiring, and motivating.

Make sure you will be remembered!


Team Building & Training

My workshops are powerful tools to help rebuild a company’s presentation, sales pitches, or even the vision and mission statements.  Once teams go through them, they feel a sense of belonging and higher engagement levels. The skills learnt at my workshops will be helpful in both the office and private life.

Take your team to the next level!


“In just a few hours I gained an incredible self-awareness of my public speaking habits and learned extraordinarly valuable tricks to improve my talk delivery. I would particularly recommend to confident speakers to work with Christopher - you’ll be amazed to see how much you can improve”

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