POWER OF SPEECH for your team.


Power of Speech will positively impact

  • Your company presentation
  • Your product pitches
  • Your leaders
  • Your teamwork
  • Your meetings
  • Your customer relationships


Here are my top 3 workshops of 2019

  • How to get to the point (Basic level)
  • Engaging delivery (intermediate level)
  • TED-style storytelling (advanced level)


Value for your company

My workshops allow you to develop vital skills in your teams, improve team spirit and streamline the message everyone communicates about your business. You will be able to identify high potential individuals who could become an even greater asset for you with a little additional support. The ability to persuade others of an idea is a skill that artificial intelligence or automation will never be able to replace. Empathy is an inherently human quality and relationships and “gut feeling” are what ultimately triggers our decisions.

Effective communication makes meetings more efficient, presentations more engaging and distinguishes managers from leaders.


Participants’ experience

Highly experiential, my workshops focus on building hands-on skills and techniques that you can begin benefiting from immediately. I create a supportive and dynamic environment where no one is forced to speak in front of the entire group, but where everyone can experiment, test and learn. We take the time to discuss what works well for you. We explore how we see ourselves and others as speakers. You gain perspective and leave with a toolbox of tips and tricks that you can use every day, anywhere.


Give your teams substantial Power of Speech. Equip them to communicate your company’s vision, values and drive to any listener.