I help you build an engaging and useful speaker profile. You learn to master the power of language so that you can leave a lasting impression on your target audience, no matter the occasion: pitch, TED talk, work presentation, or networking event.

In an individual coaching process, I will support you through:

  • Live coaching sessions
  • Written feedback on your work
  • Video analysis


What we cover:

  • How to feel more comfortable in front of an audience
  • How to manage stress and nervousness
  • How to prepare for a speech
  • How to get to the point
  • How to master an engaging delivery
  • How to use body language


We adapt our pace to your personal preference and the deadline for your speech. Together, we set you up for lasting success and – who knows? Perhaps you’ll soon be asked to lead that meeting, speak to the team or present the company to new customers…


Stop simply informing people and start persuading, inspiring, and motivating.

Make sure you will be remembered!